Cognitive Skills – Life Management:

  • Depression/Anxiety: Individual Counseling and/or Group Counseling to provide tools and support in managing emotions.
  • Anger Management: A 12 session group course designed to teach skills for effectively managing emotions, but also to assist the client in gaining a self-awareness of how past experiences shaped patterns that contributed to the expression of anger.
  • Eating Disorders: Individual Counseling to address underlying issues surrounding eating disorders, and provide support in making changes for health and well-being.
  • Grief and Loss: Individual counseling to support clients in healing and being successful in making significant transitions in their life.
  • Forensic Counseling:

  • Sex Offender Treatment: Long-term group plus individual counseling for voluntary and court-mandated clients to address issues of sexual behavior and/or sexual offense behavior.
  • Correspondence Course for Sex Offending Behaviors: Intensive program designed for individuals currently in correctional facilities to address basic concepts of sex offender treatment. This course is presented in a cognitive-behavioral format looking at healthy development of the person, challenging of criminal thinking, and specifically addressing sexual behavior patterns and healthy relationship building. This course is designed to help individuals increase skills for treatment, and is used in assisting attorneys in preparing for parole review. It is only available through working with an attorney.
  • Domestic Violence: Group sessions for court-mandated clients seeking to control their anger and heal relationships.
  • Forensic Evaluations:

  • Sex Offender Evaluation
  • General Offender Evaluation
  • Case Analysis and Consultation
  • Expert Witness Testimony