Welcome to Shoal Creek Counseling, PLLC

Shoal Creek Counseling is comprised of licensed, caring professionals who offer individual and group counseling for Adults and Adolescents. Counselors offer services dealing with mental health issues, domestic violence, sexual abuse, forensic evaluation, eating disorders, and life adjustment. Clients are treated with respect and care in an encouraging environment. We are dedicated to serving your needs.

Shoal Creek Counseling offers many courses on an on-going basis for specific family or multi-family training. Read more about our trainings.

News and Updates

Office Space: 

Shoal Creek Counseling will have office space available beginning in 2019 for clinicians, and will also have space available for trainings. Please call Andrea Scott at 512-323-2894 for more information.

Corporate Consultation and Training

Corporate Consultation and Training on Sexual Attitudes and Beliefs in the Workplace. Phone Dr. Shelley Graham 512-619-4966

See Trainings Section for upcoming trainings and dates.